About Us

YourPeer is a Streetlives product. Streetlives is a US nonprofit based in New York City.

We build technology in collaboration with unhoused people, people with lived experience of homelessness, New York social service providers, government, funders, and other system stakeholders in a whole-of-community partnership.

Our information is peer-validated

YourPeer's social service information is validated by our information specialists who all have lived experiences navigating the support system. They work hard to collect social services' information and keep them up-to-date.

doobneek (they/them)

I am passionate about helping others and participate in NYC DYCD’s plans to eradicate homelessness.

Kiesha (she/her)

Because of my previous work, I am knowledgeable about health-related services.

Gavilán (he/him)

My background in user research and lived experience allow me to contribute to the development of YourPeer.

Anthony (he/him)

I have experience working with students and families and personally navigating homelessness in NYC.